Flota bicicletas wobybi

In Wobybi we also design and supply fleets of bicycles. Bike-rent fleets or for companies that wish to promote the use of this transport.
We offer two types of fleets:


We adapt Wobybi models for the design of a fleet. We conducted an aesthetic adaptation technique (components and accessories ) of our bike models for the final result fits the specifications defined . We can supply small fleets from 2 units.


We give advise to the clients in the definition of product specifications depending on the use and destination of the fleet. Design, prices and delivery time are studied for every case in detail.

Additional services:

      1. Furniture and parking: Infrastructure and furniture for bicycles’ storage and parking

      2. Planned fleet reduction of incidents and correct operation by maintenance adjustments and reviews.

      3. Repair of the fleet for troubleshooting. In situ repairs, replacement of damaged components, etc.

      4. Monitoring fleet use: We perform the control and use of each unit of the fleet with the aim of obtaining regular reports of occupation, use, distances traveled, CO2 emissions avoided  etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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