Reasons why your fixie should be a SoHo

Our SoHo model is the fixie bicycle model also called single speed. This is the most urban model from the brand. It is a modern bicycle but with the taste of the classic bicycles of the late 80’s. The frame is made out of steel, it is welded tube to tube with lugs, like we used to do. This kind of craftsmanship that many brands have considered unworthy due to its overwork have only been maintained by brands such as Colnago with its workshop in Italy or Time in France. Two brands with plenty of tradition and a long way in the craftsmanship manufacturing with lugs.

“Reasons why your fixie should be a SoHo”

The custom bicycles’ founder

In Wobybi we want you to be able to get to know better the people that are part of the team. We are not always talking about custom bicycles in this company! We want you to able to understand better the essence of the company and what a better way than interviewing the team! The first one will be to the founder, the engine of the machine, the person that makes everything happen around here: Álvaro Basterra.

“The custom bicycles’ founder”

kids on bikes

Kids on bikes, 4 fun solutions to carry them around!

If when I was a kid I would have been carried like this on a bike, I would have loved my parents way more. What a better way to combine outdoor exercise and enjoy some time with your kids/nephews/cousins than a bike ride? Today we are going to tell you about 4 safe ways to carry your kids on bikes while they have a great time. … Continue reading Kids on bikes, 4 fun solutions to carry them around!